The history of the Felsenheim residence dates back to the beginning of the 18th century when Felsenheim was built by Severin von Sterzinger from Nassereith. In 1727, he received permission to build a brewery on his newly built residence. The view of the property is more impressive now than it was in its infancy: the old house was a high towering building with a steep gable roof, a lower-floor public house, stately rooms with modest stucco work, and a Baroque-style gate.

In 1676, Peter Sterzinger acquired the Lermoos postmastership from his father, Johann Sterzinger. This remained the property of the Sterzinger family until 1779. This family purposefully expanded their estate Lermoos and supplied the postmaster, the salt trader, and the court-appointed attorney. The members of the Sterzinger family then occupied all key positions in the village. In 1767, the subsequent owner of the Felsenheim residence, Dr Jakob Josef Sterzinger, was ennobled with the title "von Felsenheim". The residential construction was likely not the original brewery but rather a later modification that took place when a branch of the Nassereither Sterzingers took residence there.

In 1908, Engelbert Jäger, the owner of the Hotel Post, bought the residence, had it rebuilt in the fashionable Art Nouveau style, and established it as a side building of the Hotel Post. Following the death of Engelbert Jäger, the residence, which had served as a hospital during the Second World War, came into the hands of his two daughters, who continued to run it as a restaurant until 1960.

After the Felsenheim residence had stood vacant for several years, Lermoos-based painter Othmar Kössler and his son Othmar Kössler Junior bought it and started to renovate it in 1978. In December 1978, the first holiday apartments were rented.

However, in the fall of 1979, before the renovations were completely finished, Othmar Kössler Senior died suddenly in a tragic car accident. The residence was then passed down to his 26-year-old son. As a skilled painter, he was given the task of continuing the work and realising the dream of converting this venerable building into up-scale apartments. In 1983, he married Caroline Bredewold, who was originally from Holland. Since then, the two have been welcoming guests from around the world.



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